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Thread: How do I turn off backup encryption?

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    How do I turn off backup encryption?

    I am very new to Ubuntu and I am trying to find the best backup solution so if I mess anything up I can easily revert. I am using the built-in backup program and when I scheduled automatic daily backups, I turn on the option to encrypt the backups. Now, every time it runs a backup it asks me for my encryption password. I would like the backup to just run without asking me for anything. I don't need backup encryption and I don't know why I turned it on in the first place. Can someone please tell me how to turn this off? I have searched and I can't find a solution.

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    Re: How do I turn off backup encryption?

    You need to start over.
    I found the easiest way to do so is just create a new storage location.
    You can just create an empty folder where the storage location is and point the storage location to that new empty folder.
    Then just select the option to not use a password.
    The backups won't be encrypted.

    Also you can run encrypted backups without needing to input a password every time by checking the Remember Password box.
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    Re: How do I turn off backup encryption?

    That worked perfectly. Thank you very much!


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