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Thread: Unreal Engine 4

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    Unreal Engine 4

    Hello ladies and gents of yesterday and tomorrow's world of Linux.
    For privacy reasons and simplistic reasons I have chosen to come back to ubuntu from windows 10. However it has dawned on me that i would like to build video games and was wondering if I could use a windows application on Linux or if anyone has managed to actually use Unreal Engine on a linux distro such as Ubuntu itself. Further more it has come to my attention that there is actually a way to use applications from windows by using an app called Wine but the last time I used that it was a nightmare. What's new and going on in the world?

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    Re: Unreal Engine 4

    WINE is better than before, but you need to check first and see if that program that you want to use is supported by WINE. If it isn't, I wouldn't count on WINE running it at all.

    I did some researching on the 'net, and it seems like some have gotten it to work with varying degrees of success.


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