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Thread: Booting into Ubuntu

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    Booting into Ubuntu

    I have Ubuntu and Windows 10 dual booting together through the Ubuntu setup, now once I try booting to ubuntu through the selector, at times it does not boot and gets stuck on a black screen, windows 10 works everytime, I've also used the bootable drive to reinstall ubuntu but the problem still persists, at time i can get into ubuntu, at times I can't.

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    Re: Booting into Ubuntu

    Whenever posting questions here, it is good to always say the specific version and release you are running, so that information is known without asking. Examples would be "ubuntu mate 18.04" or "ubuntu gnome3 16.04" Saying that it works under some other OS is helpful, since it rules out lots of problems like a bad power or video connection.

    Whenever the issue is related to hardware, it is best to include the specifics about the hardware. If it is a prebuilt computer or laptop, the vendor and model and any special addons that are relevant. If a display issue, the GPU model.


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