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Thread: schedule pause/savestate and resume

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    schedule pause/savestate and resume

    I have a VM which only need up during working hours Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm

    I'd like it to resume where I left off so don't want it shut down.

    I guess save state would be better for other resources on the host server?

    So I guess I need 1 script with - VBoxManage controlvm <vmname> savestate

    and another with - VBoxManage controlvm <vmname> resume

    Just not sure how set this to run during those times?

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    Re: schedule pause/savestate and resume

    I would use the crontab for the userid that normally starts and manages the VMs. There are probably some environment variables that are available in a normal login session that wouldn't be there in the cron session, so you'll need to figure out what those are and add them to your start/stop script.

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