Hi all,

Sorry if I missed a thread that already dealt with this.

Yesterday I tried to install dual-boot Ubuntu (latest stable version) on my Acer Swift3 lap top that was packaged with Windows 10. I used Rufus to create my boot flash-drive and overall followed the steps from this guide. I think I did everything fine for the most part. I was able to boot Ubuntu but when I got to the part where you set up the partitions it would not show up anything inside the white box. After a while the installer would crash. I am not sure if maybe I should have followed steps 6.5 as well, just thought it was only for DELL computers. At any rate, I logged out of Ubuntu and went back to Windows and tried to boot BIOS from Advanced Startup Options (I have not been able to go into BIOS through F keys for some reason), but for some reason it did not accept my password.

I am 90% percent sure it is the correct password. I wrote it down and I literally used it a couple minutes before I initially booted Ubuntu. Is it possible that Ubuntu might have messed with my BIOS? Has anyone else experienced this? This might sound small, but when I returned to Windows the Clock time had severely changed. I do not know if this means anything, but I also noticed that before trying to install Ubuntu I did not have to press NumLock to enter my password. Could it be possible that Ubuntu might have messed with my keyboard somehow? I mean I tried the recovery password that you get from entering the error code but it did not work.

I know there are other ways to reset BIOS password, but it seems the only viable option would be to open my laptop, which would nullify my warranty. Also Acer charges $100 to reset BIOS, so I would rather not resort to that. Also I am unsure it'd be needed since it might not be my password itself that changed.

In any case thanks to anyone that might be able to help, and sorry if this is not the right place to post this.