Hi everyone,

First of all - I found no responses to my question throughout other topics. The most relevant is https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread....ght=genymotion but without posts.

In short - I'm running a W10 locally on top of which I have Ubuntu over wmare workstation 15. I've installed genymotion with the .bin file of the software after installing virtualbox.

I need to emulate any android device and set it up to use google play. After installing a device - any device - I get the error below:


I do not know how to configure and solve the dhcp error. Locally I have a LAN cable connected and wmware workstation is using NAT and so is my virtual android device.

I can give more info if needed - not sure what else to share at the moment.

However --- I did find a youtube video saying that opening genymotion before anything else gets the device to run. And the fun fact is that it is true - no idea why. Nevertheless after a few minutes freezez and the dhcp error shows up again.

Any input is appreciated.