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Thread: Issue with login form ubuntu SSO

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    Issue with login form ubuntu SSO


    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong location, but I could not find a more suitable one.

    I just wanted to report an issue with the SSO login form after entering my email and password I'm redirected to another page asking for personal info access.
    The access to full name is basically a checkbox that I don't have to fill but in the html of the page it is 'required' so the form won't let you proceed without ticking the box or you have to inspect element and remove the "required" attribute from the html.

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    Re: Issue with login form ubuntu SSO

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    Re: Issue with login form ubuntu SSO


    We do not have any control over SSO, nor over the method/process by which SSO allows you to log into the Forums. Canonical is responsible for the whole SSO process, which was imposed on us because the Forums are hosted on servers owned by Canonical.

    Nobody here, including the Staff, is employed by Canonical. We are all peer end-user volunteers. While we can make some very minor layout changes, add/delete sub-forums, and the like, we can't do SSO or website development.

    The best we can do is pass your concern along.

    You might be better served in getting the attention of those who can make changes by visiting their Launchpad page.

    Edit: I suppose I should add that when you set up your Launchpad account and log in to Launchpad, you will find the exact same behavior there.
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    Re: Issue with login form ubuntu SSO

    I lied.
    But I suppose it depends on your purpose for having the account.

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    Re: Issue with login form ubuntu SSO

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
    I lied...
    Same here, Ubuntuone only knows me as "yetimon_64".

    @OP, the site may require that field but that doesn't mean you have to use your real name, IF that is what your concern is there; as you can see next ...

    If I recall correctly the old forum, before SSO, only required an email address and username. When UbuntuOne brought that in, about 3 years ago or so, quite a few users had troubles, including myself for a few hours --here--.

    I don't know of or have never heard of any conditions of use with UbuntuOne that requires your real name. I would think twice about using any forum that made it mandatory for a real name to be used, I surely wouldn't be keen on the idea. By the way, I am assuming from the sound of your opening post that privacy may be a concern for you.

    It doesn't make sense to me why it is required, it is easily sidestepped though by setting your real name in your ubuntuone account settings the same as your username here as I did in the post linked above. It sure did cause some confusion and hassles here back when the changes were first made .

    Regards, yeti.


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