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Thread: Saying goodbye to Canonical

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    Re: Saying goodbye to Canonical

    Quote Originally Posted by oldrocker99 View Post

    I couldn't agree more, and MATE is the most full-featured, by a long shot, of the lightweight desktops; ~500MB at boot, idle.
    I like Ubuntu Mate, but I'm currently running Kubuntu 18.04.

    ~350MB at boot, idle.

    It's pretty full featured too.

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    Re: Saying goodbye to Canonical

    Quote Originally Posted by oldrocker99 View Post
    I was unable to compile GTK2 so I could compile my go-to music player, Aqualung.

    Why? libgtk-2.0 is still available in Ubuntu.
    Aqualung git works fine in 18.04.x, may in 19.10 though I've no reason to ck.
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    Re: Saying goodbye to Canonical

    I ran a lot of lightweight stuff on old hardware along the way, but with all the power of new hardware (more and faster memory and CPU's and SSD's) There is very little I do that requires more speed, except rendering videos when exporting from Openshot. I joined the forum in 2005 and believe it was just prior to that time that I started using Linux. Tried many, many distros but I always came back to Ubuntu. Out of all the desktops, I've tried I like Gnome 3 the best. And believe me, I think I tried them all.
    Information on my Main laptop. Information on my small laptop Dell 11 3000
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