Hi All:

This is a very minor, but interesting, problem. I installed Quicken 2010 on my Lubuntu 64-bit 18.04 system, and the date format comes up as dd/mm/yyyy, whereas I prefer, and am used to, like most in the US, mm/dd/yyyy.

Apparently Quicken gets its date off of Windows, and there's no way to change it in Quicken's settings.

But I don't see that format in any other program running under WINE, and I'm wondering if the problem hasn't to do with the fact that Quicken requires .NET-Framework, which I had difficulty finding out how to install until I found NetFx64.exe, which did the trick.

So, the question is, does anyone know how to change the date format in .NET-Framework under WINE? (I've already changed it in the windows Regedit's settings, no joy . . . )