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Thread: installer driving me mad

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    installer driving me mad

    for the last 2 days i have been trying to install 19.04 on my macbook pro on an encrypted disk. the problem is that the only way i can get it installed is on an UNencrypted disk, which is exactly what i DONT want. yes, i click the checkbox that says encrypt the disk, and then i have to go into the partition screen and set up my partitions because otherwise i get tons of error messages, and when i click install now on the partition screen, it does NOT ask for a password and it does NOT encrypt the disk. if i set up my partitions and then click the back button, my patitions get screwed up again. then it asks for the encryption password but again i get tons of error messages. what am i doing wrong? is there a way to activate encryption after installation? and why does this editor convert my blank lines to spaces?
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    Re: installer driving me mad

    This story sounds familiar to what a co-worker is describing in his efforts to install or boot a ubuntu flavor on an iMac of some age, not brand new, but not PPC, running 10.12 . . . he says, "I keep getting errors . . . " . . . he is a security conscious gent, says he disabled "whole disk encryption" . . . but still had a problem.

    I asked him if he disabled SIP?? same question to you . . .



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