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Thread: 19.04 installed on MSI laptop

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    19.04 installed on MSI laptop

    I tried lots of distros and had issues with Redhat, CentOS, Debian... Ubuntu 19.04 installed nicely. Sound and all. IMO this is the best distro for the MSI Titan GT80 laptop.

    Only issue I ran into, Ubuntu modified the EFI partition of the clone Windows 10. This is bizarre, since I explicitly directed the install to go to SSD #3 and assumed the install would not touch either #1 or #2. Yet it did.

    I had to run diskpart, assign a drive letter to EFI part on the affected Windows disk and then remove all the Ubuntu stuff from there. I think that's a flaw in the install process. Why would it modify disks that are clearly not a part of its install process?

    It was similar to the situation described in this thread:
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    Re: 19.04 installed on MSI laptop

    Please add to this bug.
    Really an Ubiquity install bug.

    If you copied /EFI/ubuntu & /EFI/Boot to sda3's ESP and updated fstab with sda3's ESP, you did one of the work arounds. You also need to use efibootmgr to create new entry in UEFI using the GUID of sda3's ESP.
    Another is in the bug report.
    Or you can do a total reinstall of grub which will do all the updates. Many just use Boot-Repair. You then can delete the original Ubuntu entry using the GUID of sda's ESP.

    To see GUID used by UEFI.
    sudo efibootmgr -v

    to see GUID/partUUID for each device:
    lsblk -o +PARTUUID /dev/sda

    the grub.cfg in /EFI/ubuntu uses UUID to find full grub.cfg in your install for default boot.
    lsblk -f
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