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Thread: update from a USB stick?

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    update from a USB stick?

    hi. i have a problem. i have a macbook pro with ubuntu on its internal harddisk. the problem is that when the motherboard died, they gave me a new one, and now it can't boot from that internal harddisk. so i downloaded ubuntu 19.04 and installed it on a USB stick, intending to "Use tools installed by default on the USB stick to repair or fix a broken configuration" as it promises on this page: but where are those tools? the installer only offers me the option to erase the partition and install 19.04 from scratch, which is NOT what i want to do because i think there are some files on that harddisk that i want to rescue. but how do i do that?
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    Re: update from a USB stick?

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    Re: update from a USB stick?

    You should be getting grub menu with UEFI boot and several boot options.
    At least one should be try Ubuntu without installing.

    Depending on version:
    menuentry "Try Ubuntu without installing" {
    or this for the Mate flavor, each flavor may be diffrent
    menuentry "Try Ubuntu MATE without installing" {

    What model Mac?
    I do not know Mac, but different models may need different settings.
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