I don't really know where to put this but 'feedback & help' seems slightly appropriate.

I'm a long time Ubuntu user: typically love it & support it strongly. That said I'm very frustrated currently.

I know there are issues with HDMI/external monitors not consistently working with at 18.04. I know this because I'm one of them & have spent multiple hours trying to fix my issue. I've posted multiple times in the forums, have gone through omgUbuntu pages, the askUbuntu site: I've installed & configured gdm3 & lightdm; switched between xface, unity, normal ubuntu studio: i've copied code & pasted it in: reconfigured my packages, turned my laptop on & off and then back on & off again -- and then some. No matter what, over the course of the last month, I keep running into the same issue where randomly my external monitor/HDMI doesn't work when I turn on my laptop (Acre Aspire F15).

After failing to find a consistent answer and working through suggested solutions; I finally just re-installed 18.04 Studio over the weekend. Everything has been working fine all week but then this morning I turned on my laptop & again -- no external. I xrandr & again, no HDMI listed.

I see many posts about issues like this but have found none that have actually solved the problem. Is there anyone who can please:

1) tell me why this keeps happening (yes; i've tried different cords & tvs/monitors). There has to be a known reason why so many externals randomly stop working with 18.04.
2) help me fix this please

I find it hard to believe that there is not a fix for this that I just have not found. Help me please