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Thread: ADSL Vs Cable Vs 4G

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    ADSL Vs Cable Vs 4G

    I am using 4G. Its pretty good but it has a daily limit of 1.5 GB.

    After that the speed drops to 64 kbps.

    There are higher data limit plans but they are expensive.

    ADSL Vs Cable Vs 4G.

    Which in your opinion is the best option for home use ?
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    Re: ADSL Vs Cable Vs 4G

    All of the above listed are great for home internet. The limitations of the internet plan you will want to look into. Data usage primarily, including the amount others will be using off of your home plan.

    If you can get an unlimited plan, that would be the best, but it usually comes with a higher price tag. If you cannot afford that price tag, you need to start watching your usage in order to not go over your data limit.

    9 times out of 10, the ONE thing that pushes you over your data limit is Video Streaming. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. Especially if you stream in HD.

    if you are a gamer, and download your games from GoG or Steam, you have to take into account the size of the downloads from there as well.

    Facebook, Social Networking, Email, and the like barely use any data. Online Gaming usually uses very little data, until you need to download expansions to the game, such as texture packs, maps, updates, etc. The actual game-play online uses very little.

    If I were you, I would compare the benefits and drawbacks from each of the plans available in your area. And don't be afraid to tell the salesman what you want, and also what you don't want. They will ultimately find you what you are looking for.

    Personal Example: I have three companies in my area that I can use. AT&T (4G), MTA Online (ADSL), and GCI (Cable).

    I was currious about the differences. AT&T offered me a great cell-phone plan for my 6 lines, but did not provide home internet. MTA Offered a good cell-phone plan via Verizon, and 25mbps home internet with unlimited data. GCI offered the best cell phone plan, and as a package deal, screaming fast 1gb download and unlimited data. But only if I added my cell phones to their plan.

    I went with GCI, and have a lower price across the board for both Cell Phone, and home internet. so, you may find some good package deals out there as well.
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    Re: ADSL Vs Cable Vs 4G

    I would find out if any provider offered fiber optic internet.

    I have fiber optic internet 100MBs up and 100MBs down and VOIP telephone both for $52.00 per month plus taxes a little under $60.00 per month.

    I have zero complaints.
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