I have been trying to find a way to automatically control the brightness on my screen using the webcam and the ambient light.
I found a very promising software called wildguppy which does exactly that! It takes pictures through the webcam, examines brightness and adjusts your screen! pretty neat!
However, there is no support and the last OS where it was working, was 14.04. Repository is dead but I managed to download it and installed the dependencies. in the end, i got stuck because the 18.04 is not using xbacklight to control the brightness on my screen but sth else which i do not know what it is....
I tried to make the xbacklight work using some suggestions I found online but still no result.
My question is: how can there be no easier way to do this? How can it be possible that there is no such app or software for an OS like ubuntu which has a massive community? anyone knows?