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Thread: Best program for learning C?

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    Best program for learning C?

    I would like to learn programming in C.
    I have Notepad ++ installed, and though I love it, I can't seem to get everything set up, to compile the code.

    So I was wondering if there's a good program, that's easy to use, that has 2 windows; 1 code, and window 2 being the executed/compiled window (where I can see the program working, or it's output).

    Anyone can help me find a good program for Linux 18.04 or 19.04 (64 bit) please?

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    Re: Best program for learning C?

    What you are after can be done in either Emacs or (G)Vim. The former proibably being the easier of the two, if you're unfamiliar.

    The program you use has nothing to do with "learning" C programming. That comes from books, library, internet, course, college etc. The program you use is simply a tool to execute your knowledge.

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    Re: Best program for learning C?

    it sounds like you are looking for an IDE. lots of C programmers, like me, have never needed to ever use one. what i can do it set up 2 terminal windows side by side. i have a big wide 1920x1080 display that can do that. in the left terminal window i can run my editor. i happen to run emacs, but you can run any editor you prefer. in the right terminal window i can run the "make" and "make test" commands. you can switch the windows, if you prefer. i can do that, but what i actually do is run a bunch of virtual workspaces (over 100 of them in total). i put a nearly full screen terminal window in each of two workspaces with the editor in one. then i just switch workspaces as needed.

    all i need to do in the non-edit window is be sure my current working directory is the directory of the project i am working on, then all i need to do is run the "make" command.

    you need to learn about make files. they let you define your project in terms of dependencies an how each dependency is created, in the one file name "Makefile" would be the definition of how to build the executable file from all of the compiled binaries. any of those that are missing or out of date relative to the source will result in the binary being (re)built.
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    Re: Best program for learning C?

    Sounds like complex to me!
    I'm just a beginner.
    I already found some IDE software.
    Once I'm good with coding, I can go over this other method you are explaining.

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    Cool Re: Best program for learning C?

    Here is a good place to start Learning C Programming.
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