Ok this is not a Linux programming question but I going to have on on a Ubuntu server and also show sites that run in Linux

I have a iPad that I easy like to change a website so the address to the site the page already have so I just want to easy pick want I want it to show in fullscreen.

I think it is simple but I have no idea how to present it so it looks nice too.

Most if the site is just for show (one is a address to my Magic Mirror server) and some I like to see and click with my fingers (Like Home Assistant)

So if I going to have so I can click, that mean I can't use a 100% layer that feel what I do with my fingers to change the site.
And I can't have some HTML link under or over the site becurse then is not fullscreen anymore.

Hope someone have idea what I'm after and can give me some feedback what to do