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Thread: Linux and FreeBSD in 2019

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    Linux and FreeBSD in 2019

    I am using ZFS on Linux and I'm very pleased with its performance. I even boot two different flavours of Ubuntu from two ZFS datasets in the same datapool. I had an old Pentium that I wanted to use once a week as backup server. I still had a 250GB and a 320GB IDE disks and a spare 320 GB laptop SATA disk (2,5" and 5400 rpm). Fortunately the Pentium motherboard had SATA-1 support. I could not use Linux, due to the lacking ZFS support for my ancient Pentium 4 HT. Basically 32-bits support is fading from Ubuntu and Linux.

    So I looked at FreeNAS and FreeBSD. I first tried FreeBSD in Virtualbox to check its facilities and performance. I was happily surprised by FreeBSD, it needed somewhat more work in updating e.g. rc.conf, but everything worked reliably. I now use FreeBSD 12 on my Pentium 4 HT with 3.0 GHz and 1280 MB of memory. The system is installed on those 3 striped disk and I have added some additional datasets to contain my backups. I use XFCE, because I like GUIs and I use XRDP as remote display server. The Pentium is connected with the world by two cables one for the power and one for 1 Gbps Ethernet.

    Today I did the second backup. For normal files I use Samba and rsync, while for my VMs I use ZFS send/receive function, because of the huge VDI files often only change partly. I detected that some of the ZFS release 8 functionality, like the fast sequential scrub, is already available in FreeBSD's ZFS,

    FreeBSD impressed me, supporting ZFS in its installer and boot loader, I could even choose the Raid configuration to use. The system makes a reliable and effective impression, its implementation of ZFS is at least 3 months ahead of Ubuntu, but its GUI is very basic compared to e.g. Xubuntu. It is surely a system to watch in the coming years, because their priorities seems to be performance and functionality instead of bling-bling. Unfortunately too often in Linux distros it seems to be the other way around.
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