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Thread: EvilGnome Malware

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    EvilGnome Malware

    I have been see this EvilGnome Malware on the net. I use Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS . They talk about it being in "~/.cache/gnome-software/gnome-shell-extensions" when I go to ~/.cache/gnome-software all The folders cssresource, icons, and odrs. cssresource and icons just have PNG image (image/png) in them. odrs one file JSON document (application/json) which is something to do with JavaScript. Whe I do a search for gnome-shell-extensions all come up as I could install them but none are installed. I am thinking I don't have any gnome-shell-extensions installed. I just install Ubuntu from the disk a the add some stuff from software center and SPM. I use SPM to uninstall complete things and updates that are being held back. I use Clamtk so I am thinking I don't have EvilGnome Malware on my desktop.
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    Re: EvilGnome Malware

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