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Thread: Very disappointed

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    Very disappointed

    Installed and customized Ubuntu Budgie on my laptop - no problem.
    Installing it on my Desktop, however, turned out to be a different kettle of fish: I have 4K monitor, and Hybrid LAN, and was trying to install 19.04 x64

    I discovered standing problems on:
    1) SAMBA (none of the workarounds actually work)
    2) 4K
    (a) scaling (no 1.25-1.5 form factors, despite having it on Wayland, since Ubuntu went for the
    (b) No effective way to change to the nVidia third-party drivers (blanked the screen completely)
    3) Finally what broke me, and made me re-install '10 Widwos', was a reccuring problem with the Desktop power management:
    Despite changing the power profile not to sleep/ hibernate in any case, it went to hibernation/like state, after which it did not want to accept my password.
    Trying the Root way for changing the admin password and bypassing this impediment failed miserably (was actually more consistent than the performance of the Ubuntu.

    I hope against all hope that Ubuntu will solve these problems, as I was interested in turning to Linux once and for all, for very many years now (over 15 years at least)..

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    Re: Very disappointed

    Hello, if you really want to be able to switch to Ubuntu I suggest you start a thread and ask for help on solving these issues, start one thread for every issue and use a descriptive title.


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