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Thread: 19.04 Bluetooth KaiOS phone file transfer issues

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    19.04 Bluetooth KaiOS phone file transfer issues

    I'm using Ubuntu 19.04 on a Dell Inspiron Laptop that has Bluetooth enabled (visible, discoverable). Just bought a Tracfone MyFlip which uses KaiOS. Ideally, I should be able to transfer files back & forth. In fact, if a "send" a file from laptop to phone, I have no issues and the file appears. Means Bluetooth is more or less working ... devices are paired and some functionality.

    But if I try to send a file from phone to laptop - that does not work. There are messages on my phone, first: "File Transfer is Ready to Start". Then about 2 seconds latter: "File Transfer Fail." FYI: on KaiOS, via Files App... "Share" via "Bluetooth" and comes up with a list of paired devices, where my laptop is identified correctly.

    With laptop-->phone, phone bluetooth app displays messages and asks if OK to receive file.
    With phone-->laptop, no messages, nothing happens.

    Been knocking my head on this for two days now without resolution, so reaching out to community for help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 19.04 Bluetooth KaiOS phone file transfer issues


    just try to have bluetooth settings open during the transfer. Did you notice that while trying to do so there is an effort for the transfer to take place, yet the bluetooth icon becomes locked as if resisting the transfer? You should notice that while having the settings open the phone becomes identified from the laptop and accepts the transfer.


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