Hey All -

I have a recently acquired another desktop, and decided to copy the setup I have in the living room (celeron NUC with ubuntu 18.04lts / hdmi video+audio / retropie)

New build is running a GTX 730, using HDMI for audio/video.

In Mupen64plus-Glide, audio cuts in and out... doesn't do this with other emulators (gameboy, NES)

cuts out in mupen64plus-glide-LLE

works in lr-mupen64plus, works through the rest of the ubuntu system (other apps play fine)

I've tried nvidia-driver-390 and 430 so far, going to work my way through the drivers in between, however I feel this is a fool's errand.

Is there anything further I can do to troubleshoot this issue? or am I at the mercy of the nvidia driver here.