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Thread: Shell: Determine command 'running' // Determine available commands

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    Shell: Determine command 'running' // Determine available commands

    Attempted running: Touchegg
    System replied:
    touchegg ".../touchegg.conf" not found, copying config from /usr/share/touchegg/touchegg.conf Reading config from "/home/truman/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf"
    Try to make a multitouch gesture. If everything goes well the information about the gesture must appear
    It showed the file contents ... which I believe didn't fit on the screen yet didn't provide any ques of how to continue.
    (see picture please)

    I can use ctrl-c ... but I want to see the rest and know what's running ...!

    Even if it's using the 'default' reader, it doesn't say what it is.
    Without knowing what it is -- how can I possibly know which command 'continues' ..?

    If I search "ubuntu terminal continue" results are so scattershot that it's PURE random.

    If I search: ubuntu shell continue paused
    I get many ways to PAUSE a script.
    Methods of resuming any of those 'pauses' are "hit enter"
    Hitting enter doesn't continue this script. ??

    I'd rather know how to fish than to keep asking you guys for help:

    What command (verb) ... is being ran in this shell ?How can I reliably determine what command is being ran (arguments not required)?
    This way -- I can quickly look up my options..!
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    Re: Shell: Determine command 'running' // Determine available commands

    Read the manual pages.

    $ man command


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