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Thread: Encryption password won't unlock disk

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    Encryption password won't unlock disk

    Hi! I don't know if this happens to everyone, I'm running Ubuntu 19.04 and I enabled disk encryption, however, I noticed that if I enter a wrong password on the first try, it won't unlock the drive even when I enter the right password on the second try, not matter what if I enter the wrong password I get stuck and can't unlock my computer, it just shows a message saying something like: encryption failed bad password or options. The current workaround is forcing a shutdown by long pressing the power button and trying again, however, I don't know if this is something that is supposed to happen or if it's just my laptop or if I should report it as a bug. Just to make sure, I tried it several times and it's always the same result. If anyone knows how to fix this or knows why this happens, please let me know. Also I don't know if force shutting down my computer could do any damage, considering that my drive is encrypted I don't know if data could be lost by doing that.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Encryption password won't unlock disk

    First, pre-boot, there is little chance that forced power off will corrupt the storage, so I would relax. The boot files are only written (opened in write mode) as part of a kernel upgrade or forced initrd rebuild. At boot time, those files should all be opened read-only.

    I use OS partition encryption too, but combine a passphrase with a 2FA key to have a very long total passphrase - think it is about 50 characters.

    Anyway, how many times should a bad passphrase be allowed? Seems that forcing a hard reboot would be a security feature, yes? My next expected reboot/shutdown is Sunday - I'll see what happens then.

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