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Thread: What is "z-desktop" , and how it relates to bluetooth?

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    What is "z-desktop" , and how it relates to bluetooth?

    I am using Ubuntu 16.
    On "Gnome Desktop" main menu bar is an option to view bluetooth.
    Unfortunately I am unable to get screen shot of it when it is selected.
    In the attach file shows the menu in the top picture.

    After I select "Blue-tooth Setting" I get another form / view.
    Second picture in attached file.

    What is Visibility of "z-desktop" ?
    What does making it "visible" means?

    When I run "hci_inquiry" , a function which "finds" nearby bluetooth devices it "finds" device named "z-desktop".

    I do have a generic (radio?)_ bluetooth USB dongle attached to my PC.
    It is used to aid me with C++ programming for bluetooth.

    Is my gnome desktop application somehow "attached / related" to my only bluetooth dongle connected?
    It would be nice if I could "communicate" using bluetooth from my Raspberry Pi directly to Ubuntu terminal / desktop.

    When I remove my bluetooth USB dongle the "All setting Bluetoorth" form goes grey and posts "No bluetooth adapters found".

    My question is - what is the purpose of this "z-desktop" ?

    How does is relate to bluetooth, especially to BlueZ stack usage of "hci" functions.

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