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Thread: Landscape issues

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    Landscape issues

    I don't know if this is the correct forum but I didn't see anything specifically outlining Landscape support anywhere else. I have a Landscape server setup, I was able to join a client to it but now I'm trying to get repositories to work. I am going off And these are the commands it says to run:

    gpg --edit-key KEYID gpg --export-secret-keys -a KEYID > secret-key.pemlandscape-api import-gpg-key secret-key secret-key.pem

    But when I run the first command it says KEYID not found. When I run the second command it reads "gpg: WARNING: Nothing exported". I am at a loss as to what its actually doing here, am I supposed to get the GPG key from Ubuntu, am I supposed to have my own GPG key server stood up in order to use repositories with Landscape?

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    Re: Landscape issues

    Here are some of my notes:
    apt-get install rng-tools && sudo rngd -r /dev/urandom
    gpg –gen-key
    gpg -K
    gpg -a --export-secret-keys 589FC5454E50D88B14AEEEA634FC4E2A24F7E41D > mirror-key.asc

    export LANDSCAPE_API_URI="https://landscapetest/api/"
    export LANDSCAPE_API_SECRET="6IK0yf0Df0tsT6nWurNwdamzmQyZ KMxckO2QZvgY"

    landscape-api import-gpg-key mirror-key mirror-key.asc
    landscape-api create-distribution ubuntu

    landscape-api create-series \
    --pockets release,updates,security \
    --components main,restricted,universe,multiverse \
    --architectures amd64,i386 \
    --gpg-key mirror-key \
    --mirror-uri \
    --mirror-series bionic bionic ubuntu

    Sync pockets

    We can sync only one pocket at a time. Once one pocket sync is done, we can start the next one. This command will start the actual mirroring process for the release pocket:

    landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket release bionic ubuntu
    landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket updates bionic ubuntu
    landscape-api sync-mirror-pocket securitybionic ubuntu

    To check the status, use this with an ID +1

    landscape-api get-activities --query id:

    Packages will be downloaded under the /var/lib/landscape/landscape-repository/standalone/directory.
    The repositories are also visible via a web browser at:

    To remove an “oops”landscape-apiremove-series bionic ubuntu
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    Re: Landscape issues

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Cloud and Juju
    Per the Ubuntu Cloud and Juju strapline:
    (For questions about Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure, MAAS, Landscape, and Juju projects in Ubuntu. This also covers traditional use of Ubuntu Server.)
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    Re: Landscape issues

    Any change?


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