I want to download my QA-testing results (particularly comments, but bug numbers would be great too), but have had no luck trying to use the example code found on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/api (or the code it points to found at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-q...thon-qatracker).

As I don't code in python, it's possible it could be something simple, but I get either errors or no results. This is very vague sorry, but I'm not the the machine where I tried so I don't have access to the actual errors currently, but what I tried was pretty much only what I downloaded, first being the iso.qa example & second being the launchpad code

Does anyone have a simple script that they can provide to me that will download a users (ie. mine) QA-tests recorded for a testcase (eg. Lubuntu 19.10 all, or just 'live session' tests). I only want to read data so I don't need authentication, and I'm hoping to get it in a series of small text files, OR a large text file I can `grep` to extract what I need.

(an example of what I want; earlier today I had a repeat of a bug I'd tagged a couple of weeks ago, so would have loved to grep this file using a few words to find the lp.bug.report to re-tag for the current test. Another desired use is to see which boxes I've tested with recently so I can easily rotate the hardware I use etc)