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Thread: How does Minecraft Install For Uniben work On Ubuntu?

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    How does Minecraft Install For Uniben work On Ubuntu?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently paid for Minecraft on my Xbox. Later on, while surfing the web i noticed this particular software is also available for free here. After installing, and rebooting, a login form popped up my desktop screen. At first i thought it was a mal-function on the part of the software (Uniben Admission Update), I had to re-install and boot it up. It continued throwing up the login form. Am I right if i guess that "this isn't based nor saved on my actual HDD but possibly via a cloud via a login i have to create?

    I also guess one can't link these across platforms?

    Does any person here play Minecraft game on Ubuntu? I really need advice and insight on how this game operates on Ubuntu.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: How does Minecraft Install For Uniben work On Ubuntu?

    I have no idea what your "Minecraft Install For Uniben" is.

    To run Minecraft you download the Minecraft .jar file from When you run it there will be a login window where you'll enter the details of the account you set up when you bought the game from Mojang.

    As I understand it, buying the game on the XBox doesn't get you a licence for the Java version.

    You'll also need to be using the Oracle version of Java, particularly if you use any mods. Installation of that has become a pain since Oracle changed the licensing terms, I believe.


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