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Thread: GTA Vice City issue on wine

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    GTA Vice City issue on wine

    Hi everyone, few months ago I installed gta on my Ubuntu using wine and it worked fine, but later my pc was damaged and I needed to reinstall Ubuntu again, I reinstalled gta but it didn't work on wine anymore, BUT I noticed something, when I ran gta the first time and worked well, I haven't had insatled any dll components using winetricks, anyway now I try to run it using wine after I insatlled components using winetricks (which are necessary for other apps) these are the components and dlls I have installed (click on images to see them) plus these ones : directplay + dsound + quartz + vcrun 2005



    should I install others to make it work ? or can I exclude them from affecting gta specifically ?

    please note the Wine and Ubuntu versions are the same now as they were before, Ubuntu is 18.04 LTS
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    Re: GTA Vice City issue on wine

    have you run these in winecfg:

    Configuring Wine for GTA:VC
    1. Run wine configuration (or type winecfg in terminal)
    2. Add an application and select your "GTA VC exe"
    3. In graphical options enable all first 4 options (from Directx .... to Enable virtual desktop) and set Virtual desktop to 800x600.
    4. Now you can start GTA VC (be sure "Vice City Play" is mounted or inserted, My crack tries to find CD, but will accept both the original or the image).
    more info:
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    Disk backup (works on newer PC): Clonezilla

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    Re: GTA Vice City issue on wine

    yes I did but it didn't work either


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