Hi All
Using Ubuntu 18.04.02 on a Station X spitfire from 2018, which is high spec with 32 GB RAM. Generally a great system excluding a problem whereby it occasionally randomly goes into a screen lock mode. However, tapping the key board or moving the mouse does not launch the password entry screen (it is as if the screen is in hibernation). The only way to get back into the computer is to shut the lid, and then re-open. In extreme cases where this does not work I turn off the power and re-boot everything.

I have contacted Station X who are at a loss to resolve this, bar sending the machine back to the chassis maker which is obvioulsy a huge hassle, since it is my working computer.

I have tried playing with the switches as set out at this thread: http://tipsonubuntu.com/2018/04/28/c...ntu-18-04-lts/

However, this even (screen suddenly locking) will occur when I am working / watching a video / data processing, which is now very annoying, since it requires shutting and opening the lid until you get the password entry screen. I'm not sure if it is therefore some hardware overload problem, or some kind of time -out setting somewhere in Ubuntu that Station X and I are not aware of. I am a Linux novice so very open to this being the case.

Very grateful for any help on how I can resolve this so that I can rely on this machine!