hello Ubuntu users i training to add my CLI to the packages in launchpad ubuntu
but the are an error
HTML Code:
 * State: Failed to build
 * Recipe: ipfinder/ipfinder-cli
 * Archive: ~ipfinder/ubuntu/ppa
 * Distroseries: eoan
 * Duration: 1 minute
 * Build Log: https://launchpad.net/~ipfinder/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+recipebuild/2332996/+files/buildlog.txt.gz
 * Upload Log: 
 * Builder: https://launchpad.net/builders/lgw01-amd64-020
i'm talk to someone who tell me to add an Debian file

this is the CLI https://github.com/ipfinder-io/ip-finder-cli
and this is the website https://ipfinder.io/