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Thread: Recommendations on Gigabyte display adapters for an AM2/+/3 system?

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    Question Recommendations on Gigabyte display adapters for an AM2/+/3 system?

    I'm currently investigating scenarios for hardware upgrades on my Hot Rod gPC™ (GIGABYTE® GA-MA78GM-S2HP v2.0 planar and Beta BIOS F6D; 2.3 GHz Advanced Micro Devices® Athlon 64® 3500+), and I find need for an authentic GIGABYTE GV-series video display adapter (after an ASUS® EAH6850DC/2DIS/1GD5/V2 wouldn't start correctly in POST). A newly-acquired Gateway®/Acer® HD2201 XGA/DVI-D/HDMI display unit confirms that POST on the GA-MA78GM-S2HP uses a 640x400 mode in analog. I already anticipate transferring the Advanced Micro Devices Athlon II® X2 220 from the ASUS® CM1630-06 upon installing therein a Phenom II® X4 925 (one of the few quad-cores supported in CM1630 BIOS 0304, which has never been updated); it performs consistently with the now-dead X2 5600+ at just 65maxW power consumption.

    The rebuild plan for ubuntu® 18.04.n-LTS calls for a fourth TOSHIBA® MQ01ABD050 to complete the SATA set (I already have three MQ01ABD050's, but need to replace a Western Digital® WD1600JS-55NCB1 /dev/sda, which is safe only to 40°C operating rather than the 60°C I've specified for enduring a Central Valley (CA, USA) summer), plus a PATA solid-state drive of some sort (Master on the planar E-IDE) as /boot. (The existing TSS Corporation SH-S182D optical drive will be Slave on the E-IDE, mounting as /media/cdrom.) I've a contingency to rebuild on a GIGABYTE® GA-MA785GM-US2H, which supports DDR3-1333, in the event the MA78GM-S2HP cannot take sufficient main memory. Given the community experience with ATi® GPU's of all generations, and nVIDIA® GPU's from Tesla to Kepler, which GV-R and GV-N models should I shortlist? (Power is a non-issue, as the Antec® TruePower® New™ 750 Blue™ is still running strong after a decade and has two entire +12VDC rails, and their respective 6+2-pin PCIe auxiliary harnesses, reserved for video.)

    Update: The Toshiba® MQ01ABD* being no longer available NOS as of January 2020, I purchased and installed a Western Digital® WD5000LPCX-22VHAT1 Scorpio Blue (Retail P/N WDBMYH5000ANC-NRSN) to replace the WD1600JS. System is stable for now, but the upgrade-video question is still open.
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    Video Drivers:
    nVIDIA® nForce® chipsets require discrete GPU's up to Kepler and appropriate nVIDIA Kernel modules.
    Most intel® ExpressSets™ and AMD® RS-Series are fully supported in open source.

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