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Thread: DVD R/RW Drives Only working in Read Only mode + a few other gremlins

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    DVD R/RW Drives Only working in Read Only mode + a few other gremlins

    Hey all Let me start by saying I am by no means a super technical guy... I have been using Ubuntu since 12.04 simply because it is a Free OS.

    That being said, I have a 2007 Dell XPS 720 (Formerly a 700 but has recently undergone a MOBO and CPU Upgrade and a PS replacement after a prior MOBO Failure) I am running an Intel E6750 Processor 2.66Ghz 1333Mhz 2core and 4 sticks of CORSAIR 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Operating System is Ubuntu 18.04.2 (Gnome 3.28.2)

    I have a couple of problems. the most pressing is currently BOTH of my DVD RW Drives seem to be locked in read only mode and I can not figure out how to fix this.

    The other problem is I am trying to locate 4 or 8GB (4 sticks total) of DDR2 Ram that is a MUCH better match to the New processor as this thing seems to bottleneck BAD

    On my Original issue with the drives....

    1st(top) drive is a _NEC DVD+/-RW ND-3650A (105C)

    2nd (bottom) drive is Optiarc DVD+/-RW AD-7230S (102B)

    Both are DVD RW Drives and Neither are used very often.

    On a Final question.... What is a suitable stand alone system fan controller that works in 18.04.2? I have 4 fans in this + the Power supply( 5 Total) and would love to be able to crank them up a bit as my GFX cards are running at 135F and 142F, CPU Cores are at 88F, and HDD's are both right at 100F(+/- 3)

    GFX Cards are Matched Nvidia cards but I do not know the specs on them as they were in the tower when I acquired it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DVD R/RW Drives Only working in Read Only mode + a few other gremlins

    Apparently I do not get a response.... I even tried 1 of the disks in my moms computer which is running Windows 10 and burned an install disk for Ubuntu 19.04 which I now have on this computer. The Disks are fine and brand new.

    I do still need to Address the other gremlins as well.


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