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Thread: Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

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    Question Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

    My wife make me a present, a graphic card GTX970, but it is a Chinese Fake.
    It is really a GT550Ti, with 1GB VDDR5, 192bit, 192 Cuda Core. Here the link:

    So, I want to install anyway on my PC, I haven't had a Nvidia Card.
    My PC is a Pentium E2180 with 4GB DDR2 with kUbuntu 18.04

    When I install Nvidia driver, kUbuntu give me always a window: Driver Manager, and it give me a list of driver (from 390 to 430), but even I use one of this, it continues to show me this window. I don't think the video card is installed correctly.
    Who can help me to understand much more?

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    Re: Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

    Are you saying every time you login you see the Driver Manager window?

    It might be you have restore previous session settings set in System Settings.
    Look in Settings >> Startup and Shutdown >> Desktop Session (in the On Login section).
    It might be set for restore previous session.
    Switch that to open empty session, or whatever it's now called.
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    Re: Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

    It may be Nouveau is all you can use with this card, given its origins.

    I don't know if the Nvidia driver does any validation checking of/with/against the card's vBIOS, but given Nvidia's other practices I would not be at all surprised.

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    Re: Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

    If it really is a GT550, you can only install the 390 driver.

    Updated driver search by nVidia model, do not download, just check correct driver version
    Fermi based should use 390.xx not newer
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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