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You have nailed it.
Exactly my feeling.
Its surprising that after having used Ubuntu for 10 years, I could not find a logical reason to move away from Windows 10.
I do miss that look and feel of Ubuntu, but that also happened within Ubuntu ( Unity to Gnome).
Having said that, I do look forward to the next big update from Microsoft to see how Windows behaves.
I'm looking for a reason to justify moving back, be it one single instance of Virus, one instance of a crash and I'll be back
Ditto. I've been using Unix variants since 1986, loaded Slackware a number of times back in the day, and currently run Ubuntu desktop as a VM inside VirtualBox as well as Ubuntu server running on an old PC as a headless samba/miniDLNA server.

For some reason, I simply cannot pull the trigger on my primary desktop because I need it for applications that run great as-is (games, Quicken, Garmin app, scanning, photo editing) and don't feel up to the hoops I'd need to jump through to get that all working if possible.

I *may* put it on our kitchen all-in-one some day, because all that is used for is web browsing, playing music, and using the Google browser apps.

The VM is a great way to kick the tires on a distro!