Brief list of software requirements:
-Some basic geo tracking/remote locking ability
-Very Easy to use * (extremely important for school/FCA officials)
-I already plan to use something like Gnome Nanny to allow the school/FCA people to load on a blacklist of sites so this doesn't need to have that functionality but if it does remotely then that is a bonus

Long explanation of why and what:
So I had the idea of working with local schools, and child family agency to create a sort of laptop library where students can barrow a laptop to take home, provided they treat it well, and if I am going to have any hope of anyone local listening then I probably need some sort of management software, not anything too insane but just to make it clear who owns the machines, So I am looking for an opensource computer monitoring solution that works on Linux. I got this idea because Last year I started working at a local maker-space, and part of what this maker-space did was run cases at a family child agency in a neighboring town, I taught Python with Pygame to middle school students, one student was particularly into it, and told me she had done black girls code, wanted to be a computer programming, and really enjoyed this class. I was delighted and told her that if she enjoyed it she should save her project to her school google drive and continue on her computer at home, she could find my lesson plans if she needed anything on my website, and their where lots of other great resources online as well. She responded that she didn't have a computer at home. I was shocked, and asked "but your parents have one, right?" she informed me that no, the only electronic device she had access to was an iPhone 6. Since then I have been thinking about if other local people like me and myself could donate some of the unused computer hardware (ideally core 2 duo or faster which means that the software would have to be somewhat lightweight) that we have sitting around that we could help people like her. Today I read an article on NBC that talked about how a bunch of kids in Hartford CT (which is somewhat local) don't have access to a computer or the internet. The article said that almost 20% of the kids in the US don't have a home computer, this made me think of this again and raised a question, if I where to start doing a project like this I would need to make sure that the computers are used by the students, for STEM and general education, I don't want to lock them down too much, and I sure don't want to pay for windows 10 licences for 10 year old XP machines or macs (which are very popular in our area), which means Ubuntu or similar is my best option, but I also don't want to make it possible for the parents to easily sell them as general purpose computers. My Aunt works in a low income school district and she has told stories of children coming to school hungry after their parents cashed the food stamps by returning the food to Walmart to go buy drugs. Basically I need technical advice on how to best achieve this, as managing a fleet of computers is way above my Linux experience level, which basically consists of messing around on desktop and managing a home Debian server for a few years now, and all the local IT departments don't have any Linux experiences.

Some people on Reddit have already recommend some server management software, such as Pulseway, Nagios, and Puppet but none of that really seems right for what I am trying to do, especially because these machines won't have an always on internet connection

Also: I would consider Cloud-ready with Go-Guardian or similar but that makes it hard for STEM education, as they can't run Python, or the Arduino IDE or similar natively and if these people don't have home internet then Chrome-OS is probably not idea