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Thread: I can't find an installed package

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    I can't find an installed package

    HI all,

    Just installed a dpkg file (both via GUI and command like using the dpkg command) and I cannot find it or run it from anywhere. If I search for it in apt I find it and it is listed as installed but when I try to find it in the gnome apps list, nothing comes up. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: I can't find an installed package

    You can try looking at the packages file listings and see if there are either
    1)a .desktop file (that is required for it to show in any graphical menu)
    2)has a proper binary file listed in either /usr/bin or /bin or /sbin or some other directories.
    dpkg -L package-name-here
    The package name isn't the installers name but the name the package has in Ubuntu.
    So when you installed if the package installer was something like package-2.3.3_amd64.deb then the package name would just be package.
    Well, typically at least
    You can use
    dpkg -l | grep some-part-of-the-package-name-I-think-it-is
    To find the package name Ubuntu knows it as.

    Note that the first dpkg is a capital L and the second (with the grep pipe) is a small L.
    (People can sometimes see the second as a one, for some reason)

    hope it helps move things along.
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