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Thread: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

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    Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

    13 but one is not working.

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    Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

    What is a "computer"?

    • 2 chromebook devices - screen included; 0 powered
    • 2 raspberry pi devices - mainly for kodi connected to projector or monitor, but just swap a microSD to change everything. 2 powered
    • 5 normal "computers"; 5 powered
    • 2 normal laptops - screen included. 2 powered
    • 1 specialized AMD computer as a router (pfSense), but it could run Ubuntu 64-bit server. No video on it. Console only. 1 powered.

    Have a 4-port KVM connected to the main systems in the office, which goes to 1 monitor, 1 keyboard and 1 mouse. 2nd monitor is directly connected to my main desktop. Generally, use ssh to control these systems, so the KVM isn't that important post-install.

    Did not include small biz or consumer network equipment like APs, wifi-extenders, powerline-ethernet, switches or wifi-routers that aren't modified to be general use computing devices.

    Did not include the "retired" MB+CPU+RAM computers laying around with or w/o a case; 2 C2D, 1 Core-i7, 1 AMD-E350, 1 Via C7. I've been reusing the same cases since the 1990s when ATX became a standard. Why spend $1 for a new case when the old ones have more room and work perfectly fine? Planning to retire a Core-i5 desktop from 2010 as soon as I move the last VM off it. That i5 is my last power hog - over 75W. Unplugging the i7 4 months ago has saved about $8/month in electricity, which is fairly cheap here already. The remaining "desktop" CPUs are 65W or less.

    What is a computer?

    Lots of other "computing" devices here - wifi-storage, android stuff, routers running more general Linux stuff and a raspberry-pi Zero.

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    Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

    Not active:
    One each Dell and ASUS older laptops and a Raspberry Pi

    Server (Dell PowerEdge T30) - connected to a Dell 19" monitor
    Laptop (HP dvdt6)
    Laptop (Lenovo Y560) - connected to an Acer 23" monitor
    Desktop (ASUS M31AD) - connected to a 55" LG TV

    3 Linode servers in Newark, Atlanta, and Fremont, CA
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    Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

    Just one laptop; the Asus E203M.
    It's a cheap laptop, small, works... surprisingly well?

    My wife uses a 2015 MacBook Pro though, so there's 2 laptops in the house.

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