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Thread: Logtech G500 side buttons

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    Logtech G500 side buttons

    I got a g500 logitech mouse (thanks Linux, now I hate that company because of the lack of support for it) and I can't seem to make the side button works.
    I got POP!_OS as well for the Linux Distro

    I tried btnx. I installed it, configured it by detecting the buttons and restarting it and still got nothing at all.

    I tried to use imwheel and that app seems to crash when starting it. It says "Configuration terminated by signal 11"

    so I'm stuck

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    Re: Logtech G500 side buttons

    libratbag seems to support that mouse. Piper is an easy way to control libratbag. There's a PPA that will help you install the latest versions of each.

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