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Thread: Baremetal vs VMware player or other VMs on ubuntu

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    Re: Baremetal vs VMware player or other VMs on ubuntu

    Don't use a r-pi inside a business for non-IoT work. SD storage for an OS must be avoided. Failure is the only option.

    At home, a r-pi (or something similar AND a little faster), can be used for things like DNS/DHCP and even backup servers if you get a SBC with SATA or USB3 and a GigE interface that is really GigE and doesn't share a single USB2 bus for all peripherals. Odroid-N2, RockPro-64 ($65) are examples. There's a cheap Intel-Atom SBC now for $40 too. Each needs a PSU and case, but the performance, I/O, networking make it worthwhile. If you already have a VM server at home, I'd virtualize everything except the WAN router/firewall. A single $200 Ryzen 1600 build can easily handle 20 VMs with 16GB or RAM.

    kevdog - virt-manager - remotely manage any VM through the ssh connection. GUI is like virtualbox/VMware Player, but with access to more advanced stuff.
    I ran xen for a few years. KVM is better, IMHO. Amazon has been switching to KVM the last few years, BTW.
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