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Thread: My plans for Linux

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    Re: My plans for Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by ubotbuddy View Post
    In a couple of User instances they have overcome their Windows issues by running Linux using Wine.
    Wine runs on MacOS.

    it is not an emulator. instead it convinces the software that it is running on Wine. sometimes you would need to add certain original microsoft libraries to make it work. sometimes software needs older libraries. it realyl is hit or miss. All crossover, play on linux, proton (from Steam), Lutris use Wine. they just to a better or worse job at preconfiguring it. so as long as you know how to configure it, and what to run when certain error appears or what it means you could make a script yourself.

    so for example you can install Oblivion (game) in wine. but it won't run by default. it needs additional and original library, you need to set some libraries to ignore or something like that. and you do that through menu, or commands or configuration file and configure it. then it all runs.

    now if you install it for example in Lutris, all this pre-configuration is done for you, because someone else identified what is needed to make the game run and then preconfigured it. if these ocnfigurations are maintained (means with each version someone checks if all is still good) then installing a software is as easy as in windows.

    so if you wan to run your customised software and make it easy to install you would need to set it up. see if there are any issues, then resolve them and create the install script.
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    Re: My plans for Linux

    WINE is a layer of compatible win32 calls translated into the native Linux calls. If there was a 1-for-1 translation, that would make WINE a trivial layer, but because all OSes use global variables with state data stored internally, the WINE layer has to know what needs to be local-only data and what needs to be available for the duration of the total environment run. I know that WINE was only available on x86 CPUs, so when/if apple changes to non-x86 CPUs, all those users will likely have issues, unless they use a CPU emulator below the WINE environment.

    I spent about a month figuring out how to get Quicken 2011 working under WINE. Only got the main stuff working well. None of the tax planning things ever worked. They were tied into online resources and IEv5 (I think). At my next Quicken 2013 install, the settings for 2011 didn't work and I just didn't care enough to go through all the effort again. Since I had a Windows machine inside a VM doing very little, I just loaded it there and stopped fighting. Windows runs reasonably well in a virtual machine and putting software used once a week into that VM isn't a big deal, I would prefer an easy WINE install. I don't think Intuit has any interest based on their multiple attempts to get out of the home-user software business.

    No issues with easy, legal, money here.

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    Re: My plans for Linux

    Thanks for sharing guys. I figured there was going to work. Nothing comes for free ... there's always a price to pay.


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