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Thread: Alternative Operating Systems

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    Alternative Operating Systems

    Operating systems that are an alternative to the more mainstream (Microsoft, Apple, Linux, BSD).

    Please comment with suggestions!

    Haiku -

    An open source reimplementation and continuation of BeOS.

    React OS -

    Open source clone of Windows.

    Morph OS -

    Replacement for AmigaOS (non-x86 only)

    Visopsys -

    1 man hobby OS with GUI.

    AROS / Icaros Desktop - /

    AmigaOS inspired but runs on x86.

    Menuet OS -

    Completely written in assembly. Only the 32bit version (discontinued) is completely open source.

    Kolibri OS -

    Completely written in assembly. Forked from Menuet in 2004.


    Dex OS -

    Syllable -

    SkyOS -
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    Re: Alternative Operating Systems

    Not a support question.

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.
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    Re: Alternative Operating Systems

    solaris 11

    I used opensolaris and belenix which is based on solaris but they where discontinued until someone started the Openindiana project which I donwloaded a few days ago and installed. I cant say much about it yet but it looks and feels alright anmd for the soalris 11 suggestion I cant really say because I use soalris 10 which is no longer supported in the sense that I can get free software downloads from sunfreeware (you can buy it online) but it still runs and I like it very much but it has to do with my interest in UNIX systems and not so much anything else. its outdated and I don't know what solaris 11 is like .,

    open indiana has free software repositories and some restricted but I did not install anything yet or get at look at it because its a fresh install and I have not my wifi working yet. it wont find drivers for my build in cable connection. was easy to install and it can be a little buggy once in a while but I liked opensolaris a lot so might as well just see what openindiana is about.

    FreeDOS is a fun little system but I dislike the new version and I cant install the legacy version on my old HP laptop which would have been perfect for that given its so old a computer that it really cant run a modern linux distribution like ubuntu with a desktop environment.

    the great thing with FreeDOS is that there is lots of abandonware for DOS that it can run . you can install old DOS games and there is FreeBASIC , FreePascal and a c compiler in the full distribution set if you know how to program . I used it for turbo pascal 7.0 when I was trying to learn that but its a long time since then. that was FreeDOS version one I used and I liked the installation process better . as far as I remember it also ran as a live CD .

    MINIX is just a educational system which was what inspired linus to write linux . only thing about MINIX is that it have no Danish keyboard layout so when I installed it on a very old computer I also got an american keyboard at the time. it was fun and I got the book operative systems design and implemnetation by andrew s tannenbaum where the install CD with MINIX is included so off course I went out of my way to install it and see what it was like when I read that book.
    and no I did not figure out how to write my own Danish keyboard layout or copy such layout on USB stick which MINIX does not support. it did have internet connection working however.

    off all the suggestions above for everyday usage Openindiana seems the best choice. for playing around with other operative systems just to gain experience or satisfy curiosity I found the other suggestions above very interesting.

    then off course there are different kinds of BSD systems but I don't have much experience with them.

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