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Thread: Game launch on wrong monitor

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    Game launch on wrong monitor

    First the system and some info
    pop!_os: 18.04
    its my own computer, its not a system76 hardware or laptop or desktop that system76 made.
    Desktop: Gnome 3
    dual monitor: #1 is my 2nd monitor and #2 is my main monitor

    I got a dual monitor setup using pop!_os under gnome 3 and it works fine. But when I launch a game under Steam it seems to launch on the wrong monitor. It seems to launch on #1 which is wrong. I want it to launch on my main one which is #2 but it doesnt seem to work.

    the methods I've tried are the Windows key + ALT + arrows or shift and arrows but that doesnt work in gnome.
    tried various clicking and touching everything everywhere and nothing seems to work. I know I can use the single method display but I'm trying to avoid that

    Then I proceeded to install KDE, switched to it and Found somewhat of a solution but not perfect. In KDE, I could press ALT and click on the game itself and drag it to the 2nd monitor. That works but it doesn't stop the fact that each time it opens up it opens up on the wrong monitor.

    Still need a solution so it would open up on the #2 monitor.

    I've looked around and theres the devilspie method which I know nothing about but I wonder if that could solve it under gnome 3...I need help please.

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    Re: Game launch on wrong monitor

    Not a System76 support request since it is not a System76 machine.

    Moved to a more appropriate location.
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