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Thread: League of Legends

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    Re: League of Legends

    Appears the performance is bad on wine for Linux.

    However, I heard good things about Lutris.

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    Re: League of Legends

    they will implement windows only anti cheat system. so sooner or later it will stop working.

    Lutris provides a script to run it well in wine. there is also Snap that helps run LoL.

    still i suggest investing time in DOTA 2 instead.

    I have a LoL character all leveled up, purchased skins etc. but i no longer play it. two main reasons for that are that my PC seems to have got too old to play it smoothly and it doens't work on Linux that i moved to. i mean they made it work on mac but not on Linux. that's just ridiculous.
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    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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