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Thread: Curious results from iftop

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    Question Curious results from iftop

    Running $iftop -t > log.text from the command line, with no browser running gives me this results. Any ideas why the computer is doing this?

    # Host name (port/service if enabled) last 2s last 10s last 40s cumulative
    1 => 4.86Kb 996b 830b 1.22KB <= 18.9Kb 3.79Kb 3.16Kb 4.74KB

    2 => 1.90Kb 618b 515b 773B <= 3.08Kb 1.01Kb 859b 1.26KB

    3 => 1.86Kb 382b 318b 477B
    a2-22-135-12.deploy.static.akamaitechno <= 2.18Kb 446b 371b 557B

    4 => 252b 50b 42b 63B <= 1.05Kb 214b 179b 268B

    5 => 0b 83b 69b 104B <= 0b 166b 139b 208B

    6 => 0b 61b 51b 76B <= 0b 61b 51b 76B

    7 => 248b 50b 41b 62B <= 312b 62b 52b 78B
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    and when I run from Knoppix I get about 16mbps while from the installed system I get about 7.5mbps
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