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Thread: Ubuntu won't boot after asking to restart in installation

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    Ubuntu won't boot after asking to restart in installation

    After installation, Ubuntu asks me to restart in order to complete the installation, but when I remove the media and restart, it boots into windows. Even if I load up the boot menu, my partition for Ubuntu doesn't show up. I've tried different things, such as writing the iso in ISO mode in Rufus, instead of DD mode (which was recommended to me for my specific use of Ubuntu), but that didn't work. I also tried rebooting back into the bootable USB and running the live version of Ubuntu, to check if it would still work, but it didn't. Anything would be helpful, and I apologise if this has been solved already, the search didn't come up with anything. BTW I am trying to install version 19.04.


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    Re: Ubuntu won't boot after asking to restart in installation

    Are you trying to dual boot with Win or just wipe Win and use Ubuntu? If dual booting, did you turn off fast boot?

    Also, for what its worth, I would be installing 18.04 which is a LTS (long term service) release. 20.04 will be the next one. (18 = 2018 and 04 = April.) The interim releases should be considered as beta releases: new things are being tried. Also, you will have to upgrade every 6 months whereas the LTS releases are supported for at least 5 years.

    Please give us info on your system.

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