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Thread: Run slurm in 18.04 WSL

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    Run slurm in 18.04 WSL

    I am following the above instructions to run SLURM. I am using Ubuntu-18.04 on WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux). However I get the following error:
    * Starting slurm central management daemon slurmctld [fail]
    slurmctld: error: _parse_next_key: Parsing error at unrecognized key: SlurmctldHost slurmctld: error: Parse error in file /etc/slurm-llnl/slurm.conf line 5: "SlurmctldHost=LAPTOP-KKM6C1SN" slurmctld: fatal: Unable to process configuration file
    The hostname provided is the output of the command 'hostname -s'. What may be causing this issue ?

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    Re: Run slurm in 18.04 WSL

    Post moved to it's own thread.


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