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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogs Hair View Post
    The window is your display settings though I don't know why it is opening unaided . You would normally have to open settings or right click the desktop open to activate the window. If you right click the desktop do you see a shortcut to display settings?
    Yes I do, I just clicked it and closed it, and now I don't get the window again.

    But after reboot it is back, and continues after opening and closing desktop settings

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubi1200 View Post
    If it is still showing up as before that is quite odd.

    As Frogs Hair points out you would not normally see that window unless you had opened settings to adjust something.

    As a test, I ran a live session of Studio and was not affected by this.
    Okey, I'm starting to think it might have something to do with my graphics drivers maybe? How do I uninstall/reinstall them?

    I ticked the box for "proprietary" drivers during install

    I just noticed that the computer kind of freezes for a second just before the window opens, if that's helping at all
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