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Thread: Bypassing bios password

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    Bypassing bios password

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to bypass or reset the bios password as I have forgot it. I pulled the cmos battery but to know avail. It's a HP stream. Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Bypassing bios password

    No personal experience here, but this is what I found on several sites:

    1. Shut PC down.
    2. Remove all USB connections.
    3. Remove power cord.
    4. Remove BIOS battery.
    5. Remove battery.
    6. Wait 5 minutes.
    7. Install BIOS battery and reassemble unit. Do NOT install battery yet.
    8. Connect power cord.
    9. Turn on PC.
    All passwords should be cleared.
    10. Power down and reinstall battery.

    If that doesn't work, contacting HP may be what you need to reset it assuming you can prove to them that you own the unit.


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