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Thread: NVidia DKMS Module Update issue

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    NVidia DKMS Module Update issue


    I just started my PC today - and noticed that my NVidia Driver wasnt loading.

    I figured out that it was an Kernel Update - on which DKMS tried to load the NVidia Module again, but failed.

    ATM I have removed the old Nvidia driver version and installed a new one with Ignoring the CC check - as this seemed to be the error -

    Still the problem remains, as i will have the problem again on the next kernel update, cause DKMS cant load the module into the kernel.

    in the log this seems to be the main Issue:

    Compiler version check failed:
    The major and minor number of the compiler used to
    compile the kernel:
    gcc version 7.3.0 (Ubuntu 7.3.0-16ubuntu3)
    does not match the compiler used here:
    cc (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04) 7.4.0

    I cannot downgrade gcc-7-base to the needed version as it would remove everything else too, like DMKS itself, xubuntu-core, xubuntu-desktop, ...

    I have the newest driver 430.14 downloaded and ready for reinstall, i just need to find a way to use the older gcc version...

    Also i cannot remember an incident where i may have messed with my compiler settings as i dont compile programs myself.

    I'm open for any help

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    Re: NVidia DKMS Module Update issue

    No one's posted a solution to this problem yet:
    (other than your ignoring the CC check on each kernel update).

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    Re: NVidia DKMS Module Update issue

    oh okay , well - seems like i need to wait for the next kernel - they'll probably compile it with the new version then

    i have filed a launchpad bug report for this issue

    if it affects you too, add in there
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